The complete list of Ethereum mining hashrate benchmarks for AMD and NVidia Graphics cards.

18.6658RX 570 4GBRX 570 4GB$139120 WattsAMD$16.04/MonthEthereumBuy Now
29.0085RX 570 8GBRX 570 8GB$159120 WattsAMD$17.65/MonthEthereumBuy Now
39.6406VEGA 56 8GBVEGA 56 8GB$279210 WattsAMD$28.94/MonthEthereumBuy Now
49.7126RX 580 4GBRX 580 4GB$169185 WattsAMD$17.40/MonthEthereumBuy Now
510.3237RX 580 8GBRX 580 8GB$185185 WattsAMD$17.92/MonthEthereumBuy Now
610.6817RX 590 8GBRX 590 8GB$199175 WattsAMD$18.63/MonthEthereumBuy Now
713.0964RX 560 4GBRX 560 4GB$12975 WattsAMD$9.85/MonthEthereumBuy Now
813.2641RTX 2070 SUPER 8GBRTX 2070 SUPER 8GB
By Alex Rain
$549215 WattsNVidia$41.39/MonthMTPBuy Now
913.2738 Radeon VIIRadeon VII$699295 WattsAMD$52.66/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1013.5530VEGA 64 8GBVEGA 64 8GB$399250 WattsAMD$29.44/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1113.8788GTX 1660 6GBGTX 1660 6GB$229120 WattsNVidia$16.50/MonthRavencoinBuy Now
1213.9688RTX 2060 6GBRTX 2060 6GB$340160 WattsNVidia$24.34/MonthRavencoinBuy Now
1313.9886GTX 1660Ti 6GBGTX 1660Ti 6GB$269120 WattsNVidia$19.23/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1414.5425RX 550 4GBRX 550 4GB$8950 WattsAMD$6.12/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1515.2008P104-100 4GBP104-100 4GB
$299120 WattsNVidia$19.67/MonthHorizenBuy Now
1616.0629RTX 2070 8GBRTX 2070 8GB$470175 WattsNVidia$29.26/MonthGrinBuy Now
1716.1336RTX 2060 SUPER 8GBRTX 2060 SUPER 8GB
By Red Panda Mining
$459160 WattsNVidia$28.45/MonthGrinBuy Now
1816.1474RTX 2080 8GBRTX 2080 8GB$679215 WattsNVidia$42.05/MonthGrinBuy Now
1916.4114GTX 1650 4GBGTX 1650 4GB$15075 WattsNVidia$9.14/MonthRavencoinBuy Now
2016.4830GTX 1070 8GBGTX 1070 8GB$359150 WattsNVidia$21.78/MonthBeamBuy Now
2117.3721RTX 2080Ti 11GBRTX 2080Ti 11GB$1100250 WattsNVidia$63.32/MonthGrinBuy Now
2217.4037GTX 1080 8GBGTX 1080 8GB$429180 WattsNVidia$24.65/MonthBeamBuy Now
2318.2778GTX 1060 3GBGTX 1060 3GB$225120 WattsNVidia$12.31/MonthBitcoin GoldBuy Now
2418.9570GTX 1060 6GBGTX 1060 6GB$269120 WattsNVidia$14.19/MonthEthereumBuy Now
2520.2681GTX 1070Ti 8GBGTX 1070Ti 8GB$499180 WattsNVidia$24.62/MonthBeamBuy Now
2621.8699GTX 1080Ti 11GBGTX 1080Ti 11GB$800250 WattsNVidia$36.58/MonthGrinBuy Now
2723.1481GTX 1050Ti 4GBGTX 1050Ti 4GB$17575 WattsNVidia$7.56/MonthEthereumBuy Now
2826.8007VEGA FE 16GBVEGA FE 16GB$800300 WattsAMD$29.85/MonthEthereumBuy Now
2927.3973VEGA FE 16GB WatercooledVEGA FE 16GB Watercooled$880375 WattsAMD$32.12/MonthEthereumBuy Now
3031.0338TITAN XP 12GBTITAN XP 12GB$1624250 WattsNVidia$52.33/MonthGrinBuy Now
3132.0138TITAN V 12GBTITAN V 12GB$2499300 WattsNVidia$78.06/MonthGrinBuy Now
3237.1212TITAN RTX 24GBTITAN RTX 24GB$2499280 WattsNVidia$67.32/MonthGrinBuy Now
3356.4084Quadro RTX 6000 24GBQuadro RTX 6000 24GB$3873260 WattsNVidia$68.66/MonthGrinBuy Now
3470.1384Quadro P5000 16GBQuadro P5000 16GB$1825180 WattsNVidia$26.02/MonthGrinBuy Now
3577.4048TESLA V100 16GBTESLA V100 16GB$5995300 WattsNVidia$77.45/MonthGrinBuy Now
3693.6379TESLA P100 16GBTESLA P100 16GB$2767300 WattsNVidia$29.55/MonthEthereumBuy Now
37113.6048Quadro P6000 24 GBQuadro P6000 24 GB$3599250 WattsNVidia$31.68/MonthRavencoinBuy Now

*VALUE – Based on the lowest and best list price of the GPU on Amazon.

*MINING – Based on the mining performance on multiple GPU mined cryptocurrencies.

*DENSITY – With a higher density graphics card you will need less Mining Base parts compared to a graphics card with a low density, a good example would be that you would three RX 560’s for replacing a single RX VEGA 56.

*EFFICIENCY – Based on the amount of hashes it can do per wattage on multiple GPU mined cryptocurrencies, determening the efficiency of the architecture and fabrication process of a graphics card.

*ROI SCORE – Based on all the factors above, with an aditional Return of Investment formula to determine the actual best graphics card. The lower the score, the better the ROI is of a graphics card.